Management Challenges


Leaders dream of inspiring and steering their companies to greatness.

People want to love where they work. But even the best of us can encounter roadblocks. No matter whether you are a founder, President, or working the career of your dreams, you are bound to experience these common organizational and leadership challenges (and opportunities for growth!).

Have you ever talked with an employee about their behavior, only to be told “I do what I need to do to get the job done”? Have you said it yourself?

Abrasive individuals rub people the wrong way, create stress and tension in the work environment and among employees, and it’s bad for business. Many people don’t even realize when their behavior is abrasive to others.

Unfortunately, this communication style isn’t usually driven by misunderstanding, rather a consistent pattern of disrespectful behavior.

Fox Coaching specializes in coaching high-performing individuals and owners whose communication style is hurting themselves, their team members and the company’s well-being.


This program is right for leaders and key personnel inside your organization to:

  • Understand why they are resorting to aggression
  • Assess how they may be oblivious to the disruptive impact of their behavior
  • Develop insight and methods to build positive interpersonal competence
  • Manage their behavior to gain results without dysfunctional abrasiveness
  • See transformative results within 10-15 sessions and immediate change after 3 sessions


Conflict Styles

Conflict is part of being human and it is just as inevitable in the workplace as it is in your personal life. How you deal with conflict has a huge impact on your ability to lead, manage, and produce results in the workplace. You can try to ignore it but it will not go away.

People have different priorities, different points of view, different styles; misalignment’s and misunderstandings do arise. Instead of self-destructing, learn about the five different styles of conflict response and how to recognize these styles in yourself and others.

Successful leaders and team know that good conflict resolution skills booster productivity, improve creativity, increase collaboration, keep talent from walking out the door, and retain current customers and attract new ones. Self-awareness leads to self-management. As the organization’s leader, you set the tone. Let’s start at the top.




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