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Let the Right One In



Saturday afternoon’s growing up in the suburbs of Detroit meant one thing, Sir Graves Ghastly & Creature Feature.  My favorite movies were the vampire flicks.

In the digital age vampires have become synonymous with wasteful electricity.  This evening just before you’re ready for bed, turn off all the lights.  Once you’ve grown accustomed to the darkness, walk around your house and scan for the indicator lights from your many acquired conveniences: Electric tooth brushes, clock radio, oven display, power strips, modems, computers, printers, phones, and e-readers etc.  All of these items are there to serve you in a moment’s notice.

After incorporating in 2009; I created a company website and company pages on LinkedIn & Facebook.  I also continue to refine my professional LinkedIn Profile.  I use Constant Contact to manage my subscribers and GoToWebinar, Eventbrite, Vcita and PayPal to deliver and manage my services.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the mechanism to getting found online and making it easy for new and returning clients to interact and keep up with us; ask any business owner with an online presence.

According to vampire lore, you have to invite them in before they can cross your threshold.  Each month I willingly pay my service providers to help me stay connected with my prospects, clients, colleagues, and increase my ability to be found.  As my individual and team LinkedIn Professional Brand Coaching grows to support my clients, I’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of knowing as much as I can about the people who are viewing my LinkedIn profile and connecting with them to introduce myself, engage in thoughtful discussion, or to share content.

My clients frequently ask me whether they should upgrade their own LinkedIn subscription.  Here’s my take; If you are a job seeker, solo entrepreneur, or business owner, your decision to upgrade should come down to what you hope to gain by the additional access and information that will be made available to you.  It should be clear in your mind which LinkedIn upgrade package will best meet your professional needs and keep you within budget.   In service of my own business, I do feel that it’s time to upgrade my LinkedIn account to increase my ability to connect.

If you’ve already upgraded your LinkedIn account, I’d love to hear about your experience. If you’re not yet ready to let this service cross your digital threshold, I can help you make that decision.  So, as I prepare pay this month’s credit card bill, I know I’ve let the right one in.

Now I’m ready to enjoy a good vampire flick.